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The GunPreparedness blog is dedicated to getting you through tomorrow, no matter what happens today. Here you will find over 2 years worth of articles on subjects like: concealed carry, self defense, terrorism, knives, and personal protection. We understand that times are changing and you need to stay ahead of the game. We hope to help you and your family stay out of harms way.


The GunPeparedness logo is derived of the basic elements of defense. The rifle, for keeping the home and country safe. The pistol for personal security when you're away from home. And the knife, the easiest to get defensive arm. In the logo, I chose the AK-47, the most durable and common rifle. The durable, easy to use and maintain Glock for the pistol. And the fighting knife, one of the meanest weapons available.

About Zach

Zach Adkins-GunPreparednessMy name is Zach Adkins. I am an active firearms enthusiast that believes you have to take personal responsibility for yourself, your family, and the ones around you. I frequently shoot and improve my skills in firearms, self defense, and concealed carry. I am an NRA certified instructor for basic pistol, rifle, shotgun, and home firearm safety. I am a First Family member at Front Sight, where I train any chance I get. I have attended training with numerous other instructors and training organizations. I am also a EMT and Fire Fighter.

This blog is my passion. I spend several hours a day working here, managing the social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus), researching and writing articles, and connecting with my readers.

I hope to one day be a full time blogger and firearms trainer. You can see my current training classes here. I have a personal blog if you would like to see more about me or becoming a blogger. You can find it here ProBloggerLife.

One last note, this site earns revenue through affiliate links, advertisements, and donations. If you enjoy what you find here, please click the links. I'll get a few pennies for referring you, or a small portion (generally under 10%) of your purchase. All at no cost to you. You would be amazed at home many clicks it will take for me to earn a living here. You can also find a donation button at the bottom if you would like to directly send me some cash.

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