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Loaner Guns – An Excuse to Buy Another Gun

Loaner Guns – An Excuse to Buy Another Gun Do you have an extra gun? Or a couple extra guns? As  gun owners we tend to go a little overboard and well, stock up. When you go to the gun store and see the latest model, well you just want it. We fill our safes […]

Where Don’t You Carry?

Where Don’t You Carry? There is always somewhere you can’t carry. Everywhere you go, you’re going to run into gun free zones. Even Arizona has gun free zones. Workplaces Recently I found a story where a Florida woman was fired for carrying concealed at her place of employment, which does not prohibit firearms. The former manager of […]

Shotgun – The Multipurpose Firearm

Shotgun – The Multipurpose Firearm Shotguns are popular for home defense. They are also a good multipurpose firearm. With a shotgun you can hunt most animals found in North America. Some believe the shotgun is the perfect preparedness firearm. One thing is true about it, it is a very versatile firearm. Home defense A shotgun […]

The Best Concealed Carry Glock

The Best Concealed Carry Glock Glock makes some wonderful guns. I can’t find anything bad to say about any of their models. But, often I get asked, “what is the best concealed carry Glock?” When selecting a concealed carry firearm you want a concealable firearm. One that is functional, reliable, and durable. Glock fits the bill […]

Gun Blogs and Burglary

Gun Blogs and Burglary I follow several blogs. As I’m sure most of you do as well. There is a trend I’ve been noticing that I don’t like. A lot of these blogs have been talking about, instructing on the use of, and selling lock picks. Where I come from possession of tools for burglary is illegal, and […]

How Much Ammo Do You Need?

How Much Ammo Do You Need? How much ammo should you store and keep on hand? This is a question that you can spend days reading opinions on. Everyone has an opinion on the subject. There is no true answer to the question “How much ammo do you need?”. There isn’t any solid evidence saying […]

Open Carry: Your Right

Open Carry: Your Right Open carry is an important part of our constitution. If we forget this will we forget our constitution? Open carry is a right in most states. Open carry is an expression of our constitutional rights and a means of self defense for many. It is frequently used to remind others that it is our […]

The Caliber of Defense

The Caliber of Defense When most people buy a firearm they focus on the gun, the brand, and what others have. Rarely does anyone focus on the caliber and build from there. If we focus in on the caliber and performance, then the size and purpose, and lastly the brand, we get a different outcome. Caliber Each […]

Firearms Are For Personal Protection Not Intimidation

Firearms Are For Personal Protection Not Intimidation He lifted up his shirt, revealing a concealed firearm. The off duty officer promptly neutralized the threat with a round to the chest. This may sound like an excerpt from a fascinating story, it may very well be one day. But, it is the actual account from a recent self defense shooting in […]

The Best Concealed Carry Guns

The Best Concealed Carry Guns Is there truly a best? Is there one better than the rest? I frequently get asked what I think are the best concealed carry guns. That is a complicated answer. The correct answer for you may be different from the correct answer for me. We are all different. We all like different […]



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