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Let's Stand Together

When we stand up against anyone or anything we are weak, especially when going up against a group. In order to be strong we need someone behind us that agrees with the same principals. One person standing up against an issue is great. One group standing up against an issue is better. But what we need is one county standing up for that same issue. At that point everyone will be forced to hear what we have to say. This is not about any one issue. This is not about gun rights, or self defense. This is about being free, and staying free.

Training Diversity

Training Diversity Nothing in my life ever goes routine. It’s constantly changing, whether it’s from day to day, to week to week, or season to season, it is always changing. So should your training regimen. I don’t eat the same thing daily, nor a variation of it. I don’t workout the same each day. Verity […]

Shootings in the News 3-2

Today I am highlighing several shootings, home invasions, and other related news that I feel informs you about how to keep safe. These articles are to show you what the criminal element of society is capable of and how they are operating.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas I hope your all having a great Christmas so far. I’ve got a few great presents and I’m sure you all will be looking forward to seeing there reviews. It has been a great year. I stared off last January with about 200 people reading the blog each month. I hope to end […]

NRA's Resolution to School Shootings

NRA’s Resolution to School Shootings Yesterday the National Rifle Association, a defender of our gun rights and the Second Amendment, made their first statement regarding the Connecticut school shooting a week earlier. Below is the NRA’s press release.

Crime in the News 12-21

Crime in the News 12-21 Crime happens all the time everywhere. Today we are highlighting several news stories that show you crime does happen everywhere. If your following this series you may start to notice that criminals are becoming more drastic than the years before. And our articles are showing people are fighting back. If […]

The Truth About Homeland Security

Who are our true homeland defenders? Who is responsible for protecting the American people from our enemies? Who should truly be defending our families from all forms of crime?

Escape or Fight

What is your objective when you encounter an active shooter, mugger, or other type of low life criminal? You objective should be to survive the encounter. There are two ways to do this, escape or fight.

Shall Not Be Infringed

The Constitution of the United States of America has been debated, interpreted, and now is trying to be infringed. The Constitution is wrote clearly in the text above. Each amendment simply states one right of the American people. These are not our government given rights, these are our God given rights.

School Shootings

My goal with this blog is to be able to help others understand the importance of concealed carry and personal safety. After last weeks shooting I wanted to post an article today that would tell you readers how to avoid this type of shooting, unfortunately I can not do that. I don’t have an answer.



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