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Firearms Training Frequency For Defending Your Life

Firearms Training Frequency For Defending Your Life How frequently do you train with your firearms? Our firearms training frequency is not nearly as rigorous as it should be. I know I don’t train nearly enough. Training takes time and money, the two rarest things in my life. Law enforcement officers are required to qualify at […]

What Are Pocket Pistols?

What Are Pocket Pistols? Pocket pistols are some of the best selling guns right now. They have drastically increased in popularity over the last several years. They are being followed in popularity by compact concealed carry guns, but the small pocket pistols are still leading the way. Most pocket pistols come in the .380 ACP […]

Quality Holsters Get The Job Done

Quality Holsters Get The Job Done A quality holster is probably the third most important aspect of concealed carry. It follows up a good gun and good training. Choosing poorly made equipment will show over time. It will either wear out quickly, fail when needed, or cause a problem. There are many reasons to choose […]

The Walking Tall Guide to Unarmed Defense

The Walking Tall Guide to Unarmed Defense When you are left unarmed, are you truly unarmed? Unarmed is defined as “lacking weapons or armor; defenseless” (source). Unarmed is a mindset, just like poor, or rich. I once heard a story of a guy who didn’t think he was rich with a net worth of 20 million […]

Night Sights – Can You See Them?

Night Sights – Can You See Them? When many people get a new firearm the first thing they want to do is upgrade something. I find it is best to get to know your gun first. Then you should become proficient with it before making additional purchases. After that if you want to upgrade, night sights […]

NFL on Defense: “Weapons of Any Kind Are Dangerous”

 NFL on Defense: “Weapons of Any Kind Are Dangerous” Yesterday was a very big day for many Americans, Superbowl Sunday. The Super Bowl is the most watched sporting events in the world. But, there is one thing the viewers did not get to see: an advertisement that was supposedly created just for the event by […]

Negligence Causes Accidents

Negligence Causes Accidents I wrote an article on firearms safety this week titled Why You Should Hate Unloaded Firearms. This article was aimed at improving firearms safety. Yesterday I got shown a news article that shows us more than ever that negligence causes accidents. The article A 15 year old girl was shot in the […]

Does Temperature Affect Training?

Does Temperature Affect Training? Does the temperature affect your training? Will you go out in the cold, or heat for a training session? Last winter I experienced my coldest training yet. I spent 4 days at Front Site, where temperatures on the coldest day reached a high of 12 degrees. Learning to operate in any […]

5 Firearm Blogs you should be reading

5 Firearm Blogs you should be reading I hope you are here reading this blog a few times a week. But, as a writer, I know you are reading multiple websites each day. I know I read at least 4 articles every day.  You may read more or less. If you’re looking for a few […]

The AR-Pistol

The AR-Pistol: When you need a concealed rifle! I’ve been looking into pistols chambered in a rifle caliber for a few years. I would love to have a SBR (short barreled rifle), but there are too many legal hoops to jump through for me. The next best thing is a pistol chambered in a rifle […]



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