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Don’t Forget The Knife

Don’t Forget The Knife The recent mass stabbing in PA should serve as a reminder to us all, when firearms are out of the equation, violent people will still find means of violence. When you are in a situation that firearms are not available in, don’t forget the knife. It is a great defensive option, […]

Serrated or Straight Blade Knife?

When selecting a knife which blade style do you prefer? Each have their advantages and disadvantages. Is it a personal choice or is there a superior choice?

SOG Flash I After Use

Some time last year I purchased a SOG Flash I as an every day carry knife. The knife has performed well for the past year. It has a great clip that keeps the entire knife below the pocket like, this is the ultimate for concealment.

I’m not allowed to carry I knife where I work, so I keep the knife in my pocket with my keys. I can still access it when needed, but its out of my bosses sight.

I sharpen the knife about once a month and it holds an edge well. I mainly use the knife for cutting food. I regularly clean it with alchol and have had no fading, or other issues with this. Some products don’t hold up well to alcohol.

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Spyderco Matriarch 2 Introduction

The Matriarch 2 is a defensive knife, plain and simple. Today I’m going to outline some great features of this defensive knife.

KNIVES on a Plane!

KNIVES on a Plane! TSA makes a small change to its guidelines.

Coye Knives

Review of Coye knives, one of the best knives out there. Custom made and backed by a rock solid warranty.

Selecting a Carry Knife

Selecting a Carry Knife is an important part of carrying a defensive knife. You have to select a knife that fits your needs and you. Not all knives fit everyone, we all have different tastes and different styles. Some prefer straight blades, while others prefer folding knives, some prefer plain edges, while others prefer fully serrated blades. To each their own, but how do you know what type of knife you prefer?

Why Carry a Knife?

What is a knife? What purpose does a knife have? Should you always carry a knife? Answer these questions and more in todays article.

Case Finn Preview

Today I am previewing the Case Finn knife. I got this knife a few days ago for my birthday and I could not wait to review it, so I am previewing it today and will review it in a few weeks.

Stopping Terrorism

Terrorism has to be stopped! The most effective means of stopping terrorists is rapid intervention. Can the police be rapid?



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