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Mental Awareness

Mental Awareness Being mentally aware and alert is the best way to avoid a confrontation. Mental awareness is being alert, paying attention, and following the color code of mental awareness. Practicing mental awareness can help you maintain a high level of personal safety.   You should always be mentally prepared for what ever may happen, […]

After Action Drills

When training in firearms you should treat your training like a real life situation. In a real life shooting situation you have to maintain awareness and scene security throughout the encounter. In order to keep yourself safe you should frequently practice after action drills.

Once a Threat, Always a Threat

If you have ever been threatened, assaulted, or otherwise attacked you need to remember once a threat always a threat. If someone has I’ll intentions against you that is not likely to change if it was a premeditated attack. You should always be aware that they are still a threat to your personal safety.

What Type of Prepper Are You?

Do you accept the reality that you may have to defend yourself at some point in your life? If so, whether you accept it or not you are preparing. You may not be a full Doomsday Prepper, or maybe you are, but you are being prepared.

Shotgun Ammo

After the post types of ammo, I had a reader ask about shotgun ammo. The Types of Ammo article was more directed at selecting pistol ammo. Today I am going to go over several aspects of shotgun ammo and selecting the right ammo for your shotgun.

Staying in Strange Places

On occasion you will have to stay in strange places. Whether it is due to an emergency, disaster, or other incidence, it will eventually happen. Often when you stay in these strange places you don’t have control over cretin security aspects. That doesn’t mean there is not anything you can do to improve your personal security.

Multipurpose Items

While recently watching an episode of The Walking Dead I realized the importance of multipurpose items. An item that can be used for more than one task would be essential in a disaster or other emergency situation.

The Preppers Christmas Wishlist

Last week I did a post on the Gun Enthusiasts Christmas Wishlist. This week I thought I would follow up with the preppers wishlist.

Shooting in the News 11-2

Links to articles about self defense, home invasions, shootings, and civil unrest due to the hurricane.

When Rioting Starts

What do you do when rioting starts? Most of us in the US have not experianced a riot. There were some small riots in the 1960’s, but most were isolated and people don’t even remember them today. When rioting starts it will be easy to get caught up in it, be confused, and not know what to do.



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