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Let's Stand Together

When we stand up against anyone or anything we are weak, especially when going up against a group. In order to be strong we need someone behind us that agrees with the same principals. One person standing up against an issue is great. One group standing up against an issue is better. But what we need is one county standing up for that same issue. At that point everyone will be forced to hear what we have to say. This is not about any one issue. This is not about gun rights, or self defense. This is about being free, and staying free.

Firearm Retention Techniques

Firearm Retention Techniques I’ve seen several things in the past few days that emphasize firearm retention techniques should be something everyone learns and practices regularly.  In a violent situation loosing control of your firearm could result in death. Using a firearm is not a scare tactic. If you are using a firearm in a defensive […]

Employment Opportunities in a Stagnant Economy

Despite what many will tell you, even in these troubled times there are always guaranteed employment opportunities for those willing to acquire the necessary certifications. You could choose to collect a check from the government if you wish, but with it you lose many of your freedoms and independence. I’ve taken the liberty to compile […]

Is It Worth Your Life?

Is It Worth Your Life? When you make a conscious decision to become a member of society you have many decisions to make. When you choose to go against the criminals and tyrants and become a (armed) citizen, you have choices to make. As a citizen you must draw your line in the sand and […]

After Action Drills

When training in firearms you should treat your training like a real life situation. In a real life shooting situation you have to maintain awareness and scene security throughout the encounter. In order to keep yourself safe you should frequently practice after action drills.

Escape or Fight

What is your objective when you encounter an active shooter, mugger, or other type of low life criminal? You objective should be to survive the encounter. There are two ways to do this, escape or fight.

What Type of Prepper Are You?

Do you accept the reality that you may have to defend yourself at some point in your life? If so, whether you accept it or not you are preparing. You may not be a full Doomsday Prepper, or maybe you are, but you are being prepared.

Multipurpose Items

While recently watching an episode of The Walking Dead I realized the importance of multipurpose items. An item that can be used for more than one task would be essential in a disaster or other emergency situation.

Stopping The Threat

When your life is in danger, you are caught in a home invasion, armed robbery, or being mugged or car jacked, you have to rapidly make decisions. Putting some thought into those choices before having to make them will help you make that choice and deal with the aftermath.

Hunting Rifles – My Style

I am currently in full swing of whitetail deer hunting season. Today I thought I would go over some options for deer hunting rifles. I have a little different style for hunting. :)



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