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Don’t Forget The Knife

Don’t Forget The Knife The recent mass stabbing in PA should serve as a reminder to us all, when firearms are out of the equation, violent people will still find means of violence. When you are in a situation that firearms are not available in, don’t forget the knife. It is a great defensive option, […]

How Much Confidence Do You Have?

How Much Confidence Do You Have? How much confidence do you have in your shooting abilities? Are you 100% certain that you can hit where you aim, not just what you aim at, but where you actually aim. Can you without questioning yourself shoot and hit a 3 or 4 inch target? Below is an example of […]

Achieving Your Goals

Achieving Your Goals – Life is More Than Self Defense We all have goals in life, some are more achievable than others, but if we set semi achievable goals and work twice as hard they can be achieved. I set personal goals for myself this year, of which one was to increase my physical fitness. […]

The Walking Tall Guide to Unarmed Defense

The Walking Tall Guide to Unarmed Defense When you are left unarmed, are you truly unarmed? Unarmed is defined as “lacking weapons or armor; defenseless” (source). Unarmed is a mindset, just like poor, or rich. I once heard a story of a guy who didn’t think he was rich with a net worth of 20 million […]

Does Temperature Affect Training?

Does Temperature Affect Training? Does the temperature affect your training? Will you go out in the cold, or heat for a training session? Last winter I experienced my coldest training yet. I spent 4 days at Front Site, where temperatures on the coldest day reached a high of 12 degrees. Learning to operate in any […]

5 Firearm Blogs you should be reading

5 Firearm Blogs you should be reading I hope you are here reading this blog a few times a week. But, as a writer, I know you are reading multiple websites each day. I know I read at least 4 articles every day.  You may read more or less. If you’re looking for a few […]

Firearm Safety Prevents Accidents

Firearm Safety Prevents Accidents I’ve I discussed firearm safety many times. It is a very important aspect of owning firearms. Many firearms accidents are caused by improperly handling of firearms. Firearms safety should be practiced at all times. As people become more experienced with firearms, they tend to do more dangerous acts. They are confident […]

Keep Your Defensive Options Open

Keep Your Defensive Options Open Never run out of options. This is a philosophy I try my best to live by every day. I do my best to treat everyone, even those I disagree with, in a manner where they would deal with me again. I try to not ruin relationships, or make too big of […]

Improve Accuracy to Defend Yourself

Making hits is what counts. When you improve accuracy you will make more hits. In a defensive situation it doesn’t matter how close you are. All that matters is that you hit what your aiming for……

Using Your Backup Hand

What is your backup hand for? More importantly what is your backup hand? Your backup hand is your non dominant hand, the support hand. Your backup hand backs you up and enhances your ability. Knowing how to function without your backup hand can enhance your ability to defend yourself.

We use our hands so much, receiving injury is likely. We must know how to function with only one hand…….



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