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Hard Work and Dedication

Hard Work and Dedication In life we are always trying something new, learning new things and improving on the old. If you want to get anywhere in life hard work and dedication are key. Without hard work and dedication we can not learn new skills, get into shape, find what we’re looking for, nor do […]

Effective Use of Cover

Effective Use of Cover Most who own and carry a firearm do so for protection of themselves and their family. Yet those people do not effectively train to defend themselves. Effective use of cover is something most don’t think about. Who will need to use cover? Cover may not be needed in a shooting situation. […]

Serrated or Straight Blade Knife?

When selecting a knife which blade style do you prefer? Each have their advantages and disadvantages. Is it a personal choice or is there a superior choice?

Unconventional Shooting Positions

Do you keep your training regimen to a square range or do you think and work outside the box? Most stick to the box. The unfortunate thing is, rarely does a self defense situation occur in the box, if ever.

When you have to defend your life from the criminal element of society it will occur when you least expect it, when you are not adequately prepared, and you are in no way ready to defend your life. That is what you must be ready for.

How do you prepare for the unexpected situations? Prepare and train for the outside the box situations!

Core Conditioning

Core Conditioning Core conditioning is a continual process. It is not something that you can do as you please. Even taking a couple of weeks off will give you a noticeable decrease in strength. Physical training is a low priority for most of us. Even me. Keeping in top shape is something I really need […]

Hunting Season Approaches

Hunting season is quickly approaching. Here in West Virginia our buck rifle season comes in the week of thanksgiving. If you’re not ready for it, you don’t have long to get ready.

I’m not a big hunter. I don’t care about a big rack (on a deer) or any of the other reasons most hunt. Hunting is a great way to get meat! I eat a lot, free meat is a huge benefit.


It’s a fact of life. You live until you die. There are multiple thoughts and beliefs on why you die and when you die, but there is one solid fact about death. It will happen to you at some point.

We all have to accept this fact. Whither your 7 or 77 you could die, death has no boundries. It is coming for each of us, maybe today, and maybe 10 years from now.

Don’t let the fear of death stop you from defending your life.

Every Day Camo

In certain situations everyday camo is critical to survival. This is a tactic that special forces and other unnamed government agencies have been using for longer than we care to know.

Whither you need to avoid a terrorism incident, or keep from being shot after defending your life, you need some good camo. You need to blend in!

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Mass Shooting

I live in what I consider a small community. I’m in the Huntington-Charleston, West Virginia area. Between the two cities there is some form of crime on a regular basis. But a couple of weeks ago we had a mass shooting take place.

I understand that things like this can happen, and do regularly. I just didn’t really expect to see one here. Gang violence is increasing, along with other drug related issues. I knew something bad would end up happening, I just didn’t realize it was to that point yet.

You never know when it will strike, start preparing for it today…..

How You Effect Me

Your actions have effects. So do mine. Everything you or I do effects someone else. Some of these effects are positive, some are negative.



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