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Don’t Forget The Knife

Don’t Forget The Knife The recent mass stabbing in PA should serve as a reminder to us all, when firearms are out of the equation, violent people will still find means of violence. When you are in a situation that firearms are not available in, don’t forget the knife. It is a great defensive option, […]

Firearm Registration

Firearm Registration If I simply got a dime for every time I was asked about firearm registration, I would retire very soon. The United States Government does not have a firearm registration. They do not require you to register firearms! Some states and territories do have registrations, but those are limited. From my research I can […]

Loaner Guns – An Excuse to Buy Another Gun

Loaner Guns – An Excuse to Buy Another Gun Do you have an extra gun? Or a couple extra guns? As  gun owners we tend to go a little overboard and well, stock up. When you go to the gun store and see the latest model, well you just want it. We fill our safes […]

Shotgun – The Multipurpose Firearm

Shotgun – The Multipurpose Firearm Shotguns are popular for home defense. They are also a good multipurpose firearm. With a shotgun you can hunt most animals found in North America. Some believe the shotgun is the perfect preparedness firearm. One thing is true about it, it is a very versatile firearm. Home defense A shotgun […]

The Best Concealed Carry Glock

The Best Concealed Carry Glock Glock makes some wonderful guns. I can’t find anything bad to say about any of their models. But, often I get asked, “what is the best concealed carry Glock?” When selecting a concealed carry firearm you want a concealable firearm. One that is functional, reliable, and durable. Glock fits the bill […]

The Best Concealed Carry Guns

The Best Concealed Carry Guns Is there truly a best? Is there one better than the rest? I frequently get asked what I think are the best concealed carry guns. That is a complicated answer. The correct answer for you may be different from the correct answer for me. We are all different. We all like different […]

How to Protect Your Protection – Firearm Coating Options

How to Protect Your Protection – Firearm Coating Options I have a few older guns, that I must admit have been slightly neglected. One is a Marlin .22 rifle, the other, my Kel-Tec Sub 2000. The Kel-Tec isn’t that old, but has slight rust from being in my trunk most of its life. A new firearm […]

Night Sights – Can You See Them?

Night Sights – Can You See Them? When many people get a new firearm the first thing they want to do is upgrade something. I find it is best to get to know your gun first. Then you should become proficient with it before making additional purchases. After that if you want to upgrade, night sights […]

NFL on Defense: “Weapons of Any Kind Are Dangerous”

 NFL on Defense: “Weapons of Any Kind Are Dangerous” Yesterday was a very big day for many Americans, Superbowl Sunday. The Super Bowl is the most watched sporting events in the world. But, there is one thing the viewers did not get to see: an advertisement that was supposedly created just for the event by […]

Negligence Causes Accidents

Negligence Causes Accidents I wrote an article on firearms safety this week titled Why You Should Hate Unloaded Firearms. This article was aimed at improving firearms safety. Yesterday I got shown a news article that shows us more than ever that negligence causes accidents. The article A 15 year old girl was shot in the […]



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