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Why You Should Hate Unloaded Guns

Why You Should Hate Unloaded Guns If you’re anything like me, you’re forgetful. I forgot the title to this article 3 times once I found one I liked. So why would you assume that unloaded guns are truly unloaded? If you’re lucky enough to remember you unloaded it, will someone else think to check? Firearm […]

5 Firearm Blogs you should be reading

5 Firearm Blogs you should be reading I hope you are here reading this blog a few times a week. But, as a writer, I know you are reading multiple websites each day. I know I read at least 4 articles every day.  You may read more or less. If you’re looking for a few […]

Kel-Tec Sub 2000: The Go Everywhere Rifle

Kel-Tec Sub 2000: The Go Everywhere Rifle The first rifle I ever bought was the Kel-Tec Sub 2000. At the time they were hard to come by, this was somewhere around 2009.  I fell in love with the concept, design, and functionality before even holding the rifle. When I got the rifle I was very […]

Trunk Guns: Gun Preparedness Means Having a Gun

Trunk Guns: Gun Preparedness Means Having a Gun by Ben Branam   The first time I heard the term “trunk Gun” was from a cop in California that kept his MP5 there and it was the gun he had for “when things go to shit,” his words. Since then I’ve kept my own gun in […]

Firearm Safety Prevents Accidents

Firearm Safety Prevents Accidents I’ve I discussed firearm safety many times. It is a very important aspect of owning firearms. Many firearms accidents are caused by improperly handling of firearms. Firearms safety should be practiced at all times. As people become more experienced with firearms, they tend to do more dangerous acts. They are confident […]

Trouble Shooting Your Firearm Problems

Trouble Shooting Your Firearm Problems A great skill to have is trouble shooting firearm problems. Some firearm issues are very easy to fix. But taking it to an armor or gunsmith to have the problem diagnosed and fixed is expensive. Gun shops make a lot of money on gun cleaning and fixing minor problems. They […]

Beginner Question – Firearm Modifications

Firearm Modifications I’m always asking my twitter followers if they have any questions. A couple of days ago I got a question that I felt was worthy of its own article and not just a message reply. I just got a firearm should I modify it? No, not when you first get it. When you […]

The Concealed Carry Decision

Have you made the decision get a concealed carry permit? Now that you have your permit have you decided to carry concealed on a daily basis? This article can help you with the choices you now must make.

Firearms Care

Proper firearms care is critical to their life. Just like maintaining yourself, you have to maintain your firearms to keep them in good working condition and extend their lives.

Performing routine maintenance is the best method to keep your firearms in working condition. Basics like cleaning and oiling them are simple tasks that don’t require much time or effort.

Glock Grip Plug

After I first got my Glock, I discovered the Glock grip plug. It is a piece that goes in the grip and essentially plugs it, preventing debris from going up and into your pistol. Or so they say.

There are numerous articles out there that say they are a must have for your Glock. Then there are also articles saying that they are bad for it.

Here is my take on it.



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