I have had a few people ask if there was a way they could help the blog. I have been thinking on this subject and have finally came up with a solution.If you would like to donate to this blog there are a few different ways.

1. Spread the word about the blog. Tell your friends, coworkers, Twitter followers, Facebook friends. Share our articles with anyone and everyone that will look at them.

2. You can donate a product for a product review. Purchasing products for review is the main expense of the blog. So you can use the link here to send me Amazon items. I will review the item and thank you for sending it to me in a blog post.

3. You can use my affiliate links to make purchases online. Amazon is the main program I use. They have just about everything. I also use luckygunner for ammo.

4. You can also send a donation through PayPal.

If you donate or not does not matter to me. I will continue to bring you free content as frequently as possible. I may at one point decide to offer premium content too, but that will not stop the free content. I would also like to thank each one of you for your contribution to making this site what it is. Through your feedback, suggestions, likes, shares, and viewership you contribute greatly to this site.
Thank you all.

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