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Who Is Responsible For Your Personal Safety?

Who Is Responsible For Your Personal Safety? This past week there was a mass stabbing in a “protected” or “safe” zone. This has me thinking about my personal safety and what I can do to avoid a similar situation. We have to face the facts, these terroristic events are not stopping in the near future. How […]

Defend Then Protect – Follow Through After Defending Yourself

Defend Then Protect – Follow Through After Defending Yourself What do you do in the immediate seconds after firing a defensive shot? Those next few seconds are a critical element in how you continue to fair after the situation. They can make the difference in life and death for you. They can make the difference in […]

The Caliber of Defense

The Caliber of Defense When most people buy a firearm they focus on the gun, the brand, and what others have. Rarely does anyone focus on the caliber and build from there. If we focus in on the caliber and performance, then the size and purpose, and lastly the brand, we get a different outcome. Caliber Each […]

The CCW Waistband

Times are changing and I personally like to stay one step ahead of the game. Everyone that carries concealed needs the proper gear. Today we will look into some of those gear options.

EDC Pistols

I’m continuing with yesterdays theme of EDC (Every Day Carry). Today I will tell you about my EDC pistols and why I choose them. I will also attempt to explain how I decide which one to carry. My primary carry pistol is my Glock 23. The Glock 23 is chambered in .40 S&W.  The model […]

Open Carry

My friend @mamasgotagun over on Twitter asked me to write an article on open carry. Open carry has been around just about as long as the firearm itself. In the days of the wild west open carry was very common. It was not until recent years that concealed carry became popular. Open carry, just like […]

Concealed Means Concealed

Over the past week we have talked a lot about concealed carry. Concealed carry means your firearm should be concealed in more ways than one. There are two main forms of concealment. Visual and verbal. Yes there is verbal concealment of a firearm. Verbal concealment means keeping your mouth shut about carrying a gun. This […]

The Civilian CCW Operator

In the days of the wild west every man, and some women carried a gun. It was for protection, both from animal and man alike. As society progressed some men let the power of their sixshooter go to their head and used it for ill intentions. Some men decided to go up against those with […]

Product Review- A Better Holster- Shirt

I contacted A Better Holster company about their holster shirts. They sent me one to test and review. I am always looking for new and unique ways to carry and conceal my gun. Suprise is a key element in sucessful self defense. The shirt is a white compression tee shirt with a holster attached on […]

Training For The Draw

Today were going to discuss training drawing your firearm from concealment. One of the wonderful benefits of concealed carry is the element of surprise. No bad guy that is mentally competent is going to attack a 300 pound professional MMA fighter, that bad guy is going to attack an old lady or someone that looks […]



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