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Home Security: Bad Times

In our last post Home Security: Good Times we discussed how to keep your home safe durring the good times. In this article we are going to talk about what to do when disaster strikes. Here are some things to so to help keep safe durring a disaster: Cover windows at night so no one […]

Home Security: Good Times

This world is not what it used to be. I can remember a time when locking your doors was something you only did when going on vacation. I’m not that old, maybe I’ve always lived in a safe place. Not anymore. I live in an area where the two major cities have a combined population […]

Appendix Carry

Appendix Carry Why I choose it. Near the end of 2010 I discovered a internet forum called Warrior Talk. At this forum I discovered a new world of self defense enthusiast. The people there were not just the “I have a CCW permit” crowd, they were the “I carry 24/7 and if you harm or […]

Common Methods of Concealed Carry

                                                       In our first article we will discuss several of the common ways to conceal a firearm on your persons. These are just different methods, and to each there […]



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