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Firearms Training Frequency For Defending Your Life

Firearms Training Frequency For Defending Your Life How frequently do you train with your firearms? Our firearms training frequency is not nearly as rigorous as it should be. I know I don’t train nearly enough. Training takes time and money, the two rarest things in my life. Law enforcement officers are required to qualify at […]

What Are Pocket Pistols?

What Are Pocket Pistols? Pocket pistols are some of the best selling guns right now. They have drastically increased in popularity over the last several years. They are being followed in popularity by compact concealed carry guns, but the small pocket pistols are still leading the way. Most pocket pistols come in the .380 ACP […]

Range report 5-6

I’m writing this on Sunday May 6th. Today we went to a friends house for some pistol shooting fun. I also took a few rifles incase we decided to play with them too. We took some pictures and shot a video which you will see below. We shot some new targets he had just got. […]

Get Trained

Yesterday I talked about being The Civilian CCW Operator. Today we need to talk about the training that a CCW operator needs. On your road to becoming a CCW operator you need all of the basic pistol training along with your states concealed carry training. Does the state minimum training qualify you to be a […]

Weekly Recap 4-21

Well were wrapping up another wonderful week here at How was your week? Did you use this week as an opportunity to further your knowledge? Our forums are slowly taking off, head on over and register. Were currently running a contest there along with the contest we started yesterday with Rocky Mountain Survival. We have broken our 1,500 […]

Guest Post- Liberty Rifle

Liberty Rifle I am feeling under the weather today so I am going to post another guest post. This is a guest post from the Rural North Carolina blog Liberty Training Rifle The Liberty Training Rifle should be high on everyone’s preparedness list. There are three reasons why it is an essential item for survival. […]



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