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Loaner Guns – An Excuse to Buy Another Gun

Loaner Guns – An Excuse to Buy Another Gun Do you have an extra gun? Or a couple extra guns? As  gun owners we tend to go a little overboard and well, stock up. When you go to the gun store and see the latest model, well you just want it. We fill our safes […]

The Best Concealed Carry Glock

The Best Concealed Carry Glock Glock makes some wonderful guns. I can’t find anything bad to say about any of their models. But, often I get asked, “what is the best concealed carry Glock?” When selecting a concealed carry firearm you want a concealable firearm. One that is functional, reliable, and durable. Glock fits the bill […]

Selecting The Right Glock

Today we will go over a few key points in selecting your new Glock pistol.

The CCW Waistband

Times are changing and I personally like to stay one step ahead of the game. Everyone that carries concealed needs the proper gear. Today we will look into some of those gear options.

Glock Enhancements

As most of you already know I love my Glock. Glocks are great guns, but as with everything there is always room to improve. Today I’m going to tell you about some improvements that I have found for the Glock. The biggest issue most have is with the Glock grip. There are several grip enhancements […]

How to Clean a Glock

How to Clean a Glock I had a faithful reader suggest that I do an article on gun cleaning. I really like the Glock and I feel it is an easy gun to disassemble and clean. You should be familiar with many types of firearms, you never know what you may end up with. 1st […]

Why I Like Glock

Glock is just about the best gun out there. Is that my opinion or a fact? Here we will see that it is actually a little of both.



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