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Who Is Responsible For Your Personal Safety?

Who Is Responsible For Your Personal Safety? This past week there was a mass stabbing in a “protected” or “safe” zone. This has me thinking about my personal safety and what I can do to avoid a similar situation. We have to face the facts, these terroristic events are not stopping in the near future. How […]

Vacation Safety Tips

Vacation season is upon us and its time for some vacation safety tips. Today’s post is going to be in a different format. I compiling tips from all across the internet and Twitter.

Situational Awareness

While discussing some current events on Twitter we discussed how some simple situational awareness could have spared several people from acts of violence. Situational awareness is being aware of your surroundings and the environment that you are in. Situational awareness is also paying attention to the people around you and what actions they are making. […]



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