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Shotgun – The Multipurpose Firearm

Shotgun – The Multipurpose Firearm Shotguns are popular for home defense. They are also a good multipurpose firearm. With a shotgun you can hunt most animals found in North America. Some believe the shotgun is the perfect preparedness firearm. One thing is true about it, it is a very versatile firearm. Home defense A shotgun […]

Hurricane Preparedness Week

Hurricane Preparedness Week Posted by: GunPreparedness via FEMA IS A FORCE OF NATURE  2012 NATIONAL HURRICANE PREPAREDNESS WEEK, WE PLEDGE TO PREPARE is joining thousands around the country who are pledging to be a “Force of Nature” and taking action to prepare for the potential negative impacts of hurricanes and tropical storms. Hurricane […]

UvPaqlite and GIDS Review

UvPaqlite and GIDS Review   About two months ago I recieved some products from UvPaqlite and I did a review on the Tooblite and Tooblite mini. They also sent me one of their UvPaqlite and some of their GIDS. Today I am doing my review on the UvPaqlite and GIDS. I waited so long because […]

Weekly Recap 5-12

Here we are concluding another week. How far did you make it in preparing your life for a better tomorrow? Sometimes we have a hectic week and don’t get to things we want to do. Always remember to do what you can to prepare for a better tomorrow and a better week next week. Remember […]

Eureka! Apex 3XT Tent Review

Today I am going to review the Eureka! Apex 3XT tent I purchased from Amazon. The Apex 3XT is a three season three man tent.The tent has two doors, one on each side for easier access. It also features two vestibules for semi dry gear storage. The Apex 3XT is not too heavy weighing around […]

MY Bug Out Bag for the Big Bug Out

This is going to be a review/contents list for the bug out bag I used durring my big bug out or my big practice big out as I have called it. First off is the bag, 5.11 Rush 72  in O.D. Green. The bag has an internal frame, large main pocket, medium front pocket and […]

Situational Awareness, Preparedness, and Kindness

Today I had to stop and get gas on my way to work. I was standing there filling my gas tank at the wonderful price of $3.99 a gallon. It makes me mad just thinking about that one. Anyways back on subject. A guy in his mid twentys walks up to me. He had on […]

Prepper Community

Today I and some other people had a run in with a self proclaimed prepper on Twitter. This guy was spamming trying to sell a book. When he was approached and asked to not post so much he turned to insulting us and saying how he, a combat special forces vet,  was in a better […]

Why Prepare?

Why do people prepare? This is a question I often have people ask. In a society where when you want something you can’t afford you get a loan and buy it. Where if you don’t feel like working, you don’t, but you get to eat better than I do. In a society where its ok […]

Site Update

I had a wonderful weekend. I spent Saturday emailing some wonderful companies trying to get products to review for you guys. I recieved a couple responces and am happy to announce that I have some good products on there way to be reviewed. On Sunday a friend and I started a GunPreparedness forum. We are […]



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