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Don’t Forget The Knife

Don’t Forget The Knife The recent mass stabbing in PA should serve as a reminder to us all, when firearms are out of the equation, violent people will still find means of violence. When you are in a situation that firearms are not available in, don’t forget the knife. It is a great defensive option, […]

Lessons From The Texas Tower Shooting

Lessons From The Texas Tower Shooting The Texas tower shooting was the first major school shooting in the U.S. and until 2007, the worst school shooting in U.S. history. There are several lessons to be learned. What happened On August 1, 1966 a single gunman, disguised as a repairman entered the University of Texas campus in Austin, […]

Defend Then Protect – Follow Through After Defending Yourself

Defend Then Protect – Follow Through After Defending Yourself What do you do in the immediate seconds after firing a defensive shot? Those next few seconds are a critical element in how you continue to fair after the situation. They can make the difference in life and death for you. They can make the difference in […]

The Caliber of Defense

The Caliber of Defense When most people buy a firearm they focus on the gun, the brand, and what others have. Rarely does anyone focus on the caliber and build from there. If we focus in on the caliber and performance, then the size and purpose, and lastly the brand, we get a different outcome. Caliber Each […]

Why do I need a firearm?

Why do I need a gun? That is a question I often get asked. The next statement they have generally varies, but is normally something like “The police will protect me” or “that would never happen to me.” These are all statements of people that can not see the reality of the world that surrounds […]

Situational Awareness

While discussing some current events on Twitter we discussed how some simple situational awareness could have spared several people from acts of violence. Situational awareness is being aware of your surroundings and the environment that you are in. Situational awareness is also paying attention to the people around you and what actions they are making. […]

When Riots Happen

Today is April 29, 2012 twenty years after the start of the LA Riots of 1992. There has been a lot of talk in the past few weeks about things that could spark similar riots. Today I am doing this special posting to discuss what we can do if we get caught up by a […]

Training For The Draw

Today were going to discuss training drawing your firearm from concealment. One of the wonderful benefits of concealed carry is the element of surprise. No bad guy that is mentally competent is going to attack a 300 pound professional MMA fighter, that bad guy is going to attack an old lady or someone that looks […]

Self Defense Training

Self defense training is more than shooting. Self defense training needs to be just that TRAINING. It involves shooting, but should not revolve around shooting. There are several aspects of self defense that are not only over looked but forgotten about all together. Today I want to briefly go over some of them. And get […]

Self Defense: Part 2

Self Defense: Part 2 Knife work. On the subject of knife work I did find one good article. It was from Suarez International a leader in self defense for civilians. Knife work should be used on an older group, some children would be ready for knife work around the age of 12. The knife is […]



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