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Home Security: Bad Times

In our last post Home Security: Good Times we discussed how to keep your home safe durring the good times. In this article we are going to talk about what to do when disaster strikes. Here are some things to so to help keep safe durring a disaster: Cover windows at night so no one […]

Home Security: Good Times

This world is not what it used to be. I can remember a time when locking your doors was something you only did when going on vacation. I’m not that old, maybe I’ve always lived in a safe place. Not anymore. I live in an area where the two major cities have a combined population […]

Guest Post- Who's The Good Guy

Today we are having a guest post from Ben at Modern Self Protection If you are reading this, it’s probably you. The problem is everyone doesn’t know that, especially the cops. So what can we do to make sure the good guys know we are the good guys? The first thing is to call the […]

Guest Post- Liberty Rifle

Liberty Rifle I am feeling under the weather today so I am going to post another guest post. This is a guest post from the Rural North Carolina blog Liberty Training Rifle The Liberty Training Rifle should be high on everyone’s preparedness list. There are three reasons why it is an essential item for survival. […]

Every Day Carry

Have you ever seen EDC on a gun or preparedness site and wondered what it meant. EDC is short for every day carry. Well just what is EDC? EDC is anything you carry daily, wallet credit cards, cash, keys, cell phone, ect. All of these items are part of your EDC. In this we are […]



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