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Shotgun – The Multipurpose Firearm

Shotgun – The Multipurpose Firearm Shotguns are popular for home defense. They are also a good multipurpose firearm. With a shotgun you can hunt most animals found in North America. Some believe the shotgun is the perfect preparedness firearm. One thing is true about it, it is a very versatile firearm. Home defense A shotgun […]

Hurricane Preparedness Week

Hurricane Preparedness Week Posted by: GunPreparedness via FEMA IS A FORCE OF NATURE  2012 NATIONAL HURRICANE PREPAREDNESS WEEK, WE PLEDGE TO PREPARE is joining thousands around the country who are pledging to be a “Force of Nature” and taking action to prepare for the potential negative impacts of hurricanes and tropical storms. Hurricane […]

Bug Out Plan

In our last article you read about the Bug Out Bag. Once you have your bag you need to decided where to bug out to. Making a Bug Out Plan or two or three or even more is critical to your bugging out success. You need to plan for every possible contengancy in your bug […]

Bug Out Bag

If you read the post  Guest Post- Bug Out Bag you probably have an understanding of what a bug out bag is. In this article I am going to reccomend some items to go into your bug out bag. First off you need to cover the basics, Shelter Water Fire Food Medical Security The bug […]

Prepper Community

Today I and some other people had a run in with a self proclaimed prepper on Twitter. This guy was spamming trying to sell a book. When he was approached and asked to not post so much he turned to insulting us and saying how he, a combat special forces vet,  was in a better […]

Why Prepare?

Why do people prepare? This is a question I often have people ask. In a society where when you want something you can’t afford you get a loan and buy it. Where if you don’t feel like working, you don’t, but you get to eat better than I do. In a society where its ok […] update

Today I received an update from the Better Business Bureau in regards to the complaint I filed against In this rebuttal Ron accused me of threatening his company with slander, and that I launched a “massive smear campaign” against his company. So I guess he knows that he screwed me over! At least all […]

Ammo Storage

When some people say ammo storage they think buying an extra box, some people think buying an extra case or more. So how much ammo do you need to store? First we need to decide why you store ammo. To counter price hikes, to help counter shortages, for survival, for an all out war, or […]

Home Security: Bad Times

In our last post Home Security: Good Times we discussed how to keep your home safe durring the good times. In this article we are going to talk about what to do when disaster strikes. Here are some things to so to help keep safe durring a disaster: Cover windows at night so no one […]

Home Security: Good Times

This world is not what it used to be. I can remember a time when locking your doors was something you only did when going on vacation. I’m not that old, maybe I’ve always lived in a safe place. Not anymore. I live in an area where the two major cities have a combined population […]



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