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Who Is Responsible For Your Personal Safety?

Who Is Responsible For Your Personal Safety? This past week there was a mass stabbing in a “protected” or “safe” zone. This has me thinking about my personal safety and what I can do to avoid a similar situation. We have to face the facts, these terroristic events are not stopping in the near future. How […]

Lessons From The Texas Tower Shooting

Lessons From The Texas Tower Shooting The Texas tower shooting was the first major school shooting in the U.S. and until 2007, the worst school shooting in U.S. history. There are several lessons to be learned. What happened On August 1, 1966 a single gunman, disguised as a repairman entered the University of Texas campus in Austin, […]

The Caliber of Defense

The Caliber of Defense When most people buy a firearm they focus on the gun, the brand, and what others have. Rarely does anyone focus on the caliber and build from there. If we focus in on the caliber and performance, then the size and purpose, and lastly the brand, we get a different outcome. Caliber Each […]

Weekly Recap 4-21

Well were wrapping up another wonderful week here at How was your week? Did you use this week as an opportunity to further your knowledge? Our forums are slowly taking off, head on over and register. Were currently running a contest there along with the contest we started yesterday with Rocky Mountain Survival. We have broken our 1,500 […]

When Terrorism Strikes

What do you do if your in the line of fire during a mass shooting or terrorism event? WARNING: if you do not believe in reality this article will offend you. This is just one mans view, nothing here is to be seen as advice or anything else, just opinion. YOU and only you are […]

The Tactical Purse

The Tactical Purse The Tactical Purse does not necessarily have to be a female purse. A tactical purse may be a messenger bag, breif case, backpack, dipper bag, or any other bad you carry with you throughout your day. The term tactical purse just makes it a lot easier to say. The purpose of the […]



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