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Self Defense Training

Self defense training is more than shooting. Self defense training needs to be just that TRAINING. It involves shooting, but should not revolve around shooting. There are several aspects of self defense that are not only over looked but forgotten about all together. Today I want to briefly go over some of them. And get […]

Appendix Carry

Appendix Carry Why I choose it. Near the end of 2010 I discovered a internet forum called Warrior Talk. At this forum I discovered a new world of self defense enthusiast. The people there were not just the “I have a CCW permit” crowd, they were the “I carry 24/7 and if you harm or […]

Common Methods of Concealed Carry

                                                       In our first article we will discuss several of the common ways to conceal a firearm on your persons. These are just different methods, and to each there […]



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