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GunPreparedness Firearms Training

Would you like to train with GunPreparedness? We offer private concealed carry and other advanced firearms training in West Virginia. We offer classes in the evenings and on weekends to accommodate your lifestyle and schedule. Private or group training can be arranged at your U.S. facility. If you have any questions about our personal firearms training feel free to contact us.

West Virginia Concealed Carry Classes

Our classes meet all state requirements and include:
-how to carry a firearm
-basic overview of WV laws
-basic firearm safety
-firearms selection
-ammo selection

Our class runs 6-8 hours in length.

This is not a basic carry a gun class like most local instructors offer, this is a concealed carry class. We teach you about concealed carry. We give first time shooters lessons or take experienced shooters to the next level. When you are done, you will feel confident in carrying a firearm for your personal protection.

For this class you will need:
-150 rounds of ammunition (minimum)
-rental firearms available upon request
-proper safety glasses (can be provided)
-ear protection (can be provided)
-state issued identification

We can alter classes to meet your individual needs. Contact us for class location and pricing.

Drawing from concealment

We're offering a 4 hour class on drawing from concealment. We will practice safely unholstering and reholstering your firearm from concealment. We go over various carry locations and give a few of them a try.

Areas of interest include:
-strong side concealment
-appendix carry position
-purse or bag carry
-ankle carry
-cross draw
-small of the back carry

You must have a valid ccw permit, concealment holster, and firearm for this class. No ammo required. Contact us to schedule a class today.

Concealed Carry Qualification Certificate

We offer a concealed carry qualification certificate program. Law enforcement officers are required to qualify at least twice a year and maintain an 80% accuracy to maintain their ability to carry a firearm. But when is the last time you shot at a qualification type level? Come shoot with a firearms instructor and test your accuracy to the same level of a law enforcement officer.

This course requires 100 rounds of ammo for your firearm. You must shoot the pistol that you want to qualify with.

You will receive a certificate that states your level of accuracy for that firearm. This course can be modified to meet the requirements of your states concealed carry recertification program.

Other training

Some advanced classes include:
-home security (non shooting)
-home protection
-advanced shooting
-advanced concealed carry

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